Microsoft Technology Apprenticeship (MTA)

Educating minds in the science of technology


Microsoft Technology Apprenticeship (MTA) Program Overview

The future of technology and science adheres to the availability of intelligent young students motivated to make an impact. The MTA is designed to provide these individuals the opportunity to learn valuable skills for working in essential IT practice areas like custom development, cloud computing, enterprise collaboration and more. Our Microsoft focus and work with Universities in the Washington DC area provide TEDI the tools and resources to operate this first of a kind educational program.

MTA Focus

The MTA focuses on cloud computing, application development, collaborative technologies, and technical project management using Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, Team Foundation Server, Project Server, SQL and other applications.  The program is designed to ensure that participants, whether their interest is in business or in custom development, will acquire practical-real world skills. In other words, students will learn how to perform in high demand technology career fields essential to working with the US Government. Depending on the Educational Track(s) chosen by the apprentice, participants will achieve the necessary skills to administer, develop, or architect Microsoft technologies and custom .NET development. In addition, they will become proficient in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and the approaches necessary to effectively manage, track, and coordinate the development of complex technologies. Apprentices will learn how to operate the full lifecycle of technology development as well as configuration management of Microsoft products. TEDI will prepare apprentices to receive Microsoft certifications depending on their MTA Educational Track. Our organization will fund this education and work with the apprentice to balance both hourly (paid) responsibilities and preparation for Microsoft exams. Because TEDI finances these educational services the apprentice is contracted to work with TEDI for 24 months following certification. The starting salary for these 2 years will be competitive and allows TEDI to benefit from sharing such mission critical industry knowledge.

Educational Tracks & Curriculum

The MTA program is a culmination of Classroom style education, hands on duties supporting TEDI, and government support. Diverse educational tracks provide the apprentice the ability to focus on specific technologies or project management disciplines. The duration of the apprenticeship is approximately 2 years, with some flexibility for faster completion depending on the skill of the apprentice. An apprentice does not achieve apprenticeship status until completing Microsoft 101 and Microsoft 102 classes and is determined by TEDI staff to meet functional requirement. Prior to this selection, the apprentice is a candidate of the Microsoft Technology Apprenticeship program. When committing to becoming an apprentice, the candidate is required to sign both non-compete and non-disclosure agreements once selected for after apprenticeship. Executing these agreements is required before the candidate can participate in the program Below are summary descriptions of each track, which come paired with Microsoft Certifications that the apprentice will prepare for and be expected to complete.

Track 1: Configuration Management of Collaboration Technologies
  • Configuration, administration, and architecture of SharePoint and other technologies including Project Server, Dynamics CRM, Team Foundation Server, SAP and more.
  • Use of Microsoft Azure including architecture design, implementation, and solution deployment practices.
  • Use of Office 365 including architecture design, implementation, and solution deployment practices.
  • Administration of SharePoint using SharePoint Central Administration and PowerShell
Track 2: Custom Development of .NET Apps/Solutions
  • Development of custom .NET applications, SharePoint applications (apps creation), SharePoint Features, development practices, and fundamental Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
  • Creation of custom web applications, HTML, JavaScript, and ASP.NET
  • Supporting technologies including Visual Studio, end user functions for Team Foundation Server, Windows Server, and SQL Server
Track 3: Configuration Management of Team Foundation Server & ALM
  • Applications Lifecycle Management (ALM) including, but not limited to, processes such as Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Agile, Scrum, and Waterfall
  • Administration, architecture, and development of Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Visual Studio to include both the locally hosted server version of TFS and Cloud TFS

Responsibilities & Benefits

In addition to the academic component of the apprenticeship, participants will have the opportunity to learn first hand the inner workings of running a successful IT company.  They will be responsible for carrying out business support functions for TEDI, including research, administration, analysis, and any other assigned functions within the organization. They may also service government clients or perform government support activities as needed and as approved by the Federal Agency.

Application Process

TEDI accepts students from any 4 year university within commuting distance of Washington DC. Hosted by American University, apprentices have the flexibility of attending classroom training via several formats: at the University, remotely (teleconference), or at a location chosen by TEDI in the DC area. Program participants will complete their work in a Microsoft Azure environment specifically designed as a working lab for the program, and they  can build, test, and deploy to several TEDI Azure environments. Please contact TEDI for additional information.

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