The Culture at TEDI

A leader in software development, SharePoint, and Microsoft Technologies

Our Culture

Our business model is centric to our staff of engineers and technologists providing solutions that impact our clients and the market. Therefore, motivation of our workforce drives our ability to succeed. In order to support an interested staff and drive innovation our success is bonded by our staff’s satisfaction with the workplace, their impact, their education, and their vested interest in the projects we undertake.

Keeping the like minds of our staff interested and invested is our responsibility. Our employees are vested stakeholders in the projects we are awarded. Longevity and tenure are important and offering our staff a sense of ownership knowing their skills are valued is essential in our success. In doing so work quality and client satisfaction are consistently a differentiating factor from our competition.

The methods and technologies we recommend our clients are practiced and perfected at TEDI. Our agile development methods, use of TFS and SharePoint, and all other services are derived from our own need to use these methods and technologies to create new applications. Our Research and Development (R&D) teams create new applications for military, emergency services, and first responders. The methods we use to create technology in protecting our emergency personnel are the same we deliver used by our Government clients.


We pride ourselves on the loyalty we possess for each other and clients.


Our conduct in business is performed with the highest ethical standards because our clients systems, processes, and operations will impact large communities.


As an organization we will ensure a proactive and detail oriented process is performed with each and very engagement we encounter

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Business Areas

Client Services

Service to our clients in designing, development, implementing, and maintaining Microsoft and other Enterprise solutions is our founding capability. We work and strive to deliver Enterprise solutions for Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC), SharePoint solutions, TFS, Project Server, and more. Likewise, we design new applications and products for several markets including government, military, emergency services, and the public.

Application Development

TEDI merges our theoretical and applied knowledge in the area of applications under development in an effort to improve the world around us. Led by Daryl Sharpe, all products are patented or patent pending and include a range of capabilities and target audiences. As part of economizing the success of the company, equity stake of each product is provided to employees involved in its development. Those who rise above and beyond are provided greater stake in the project where tangible progress is measured and earns valued interest.

For more information, please see Enterprise Battle Management (EBM) or Stealth Defeat Technology (SDT) (<LINK>)

Education & Research

TEDI invests significant time and energy into Education and Research. This focus area provides our organization with immediate benefits that support our other business areas including Client Services and Application Development. In addition, our education programs are central to developing the work environment to become a haven for growth amongst our staff.

TEDI presents at Microsoft conferences and seminars including SPTechCon and SharePoint Fest (SharePoint Fest). Daryl Sharpe, our CEO, is a professor and teacher who lectures and gives 90 minute workshops supporting these conferences. All of our staff members are invited and encouraged to attend for free.

Additionally, TEDI works with 5 universities in the Washington DC area in support of our Microsoft Technology Apprenticeship (MTA). The MTA is designed to providing IT oriented college students the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in technology, business, and government.  Participants receive extensive training in the use of Cloud Computing, application development, collaborative technologies, and technical project management using such technologies as Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, Team Foundation Server, Project Server, SQL and more.  Those accepted as Apprentices will be developed by the program in an effort to satisfy Client Services and Application Development.

For more information regarding the MTA, please click here (<LINK>)

Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP)

TEDI is a leading provider of Microsoft solutions in technologies like SharePoint, TFS, Azure, and Project Server

Business Process Translation (BPT)

Our BPT approach is TEDI’s method of ensuring your day to day operations are translated into workflows support by technologies like SharePoint, Team Foundation Server, Project Server and more.

Agile Development

Using tools like TFS, TEDI works to create IT solutions for our customers that provides transparency and flexibility.

IT Solutions

Whether custom .NET, cloud, or information security, TEDI actively builds tailored solutions for our clients. We are not just an IT company but a partner to deliver on your business drivers